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    Identification skills for power cord purchase

    The majority when consumer is using home appliance is the examination that notices main body quality, ignored the safe problem of power line however.Know what to do with power cords. Use quality power cords. Don't let power cords become a safety hazard in your life.

    What should we pay attention to when using power cord?

    1. Do not touch the metal shell, electrical components and power cord of electrical appliances with wet hands.Some electrical appliances should be held directly by the user. The power cord of such appliances should not be wound around the hand or forearm.

    2. When unplugging the electrical appliance, do not force to pull the power cord, so it is easy to damage the insulation layer of the power cord, buried a safety hazard.

    3. If the power line or part of the power supply line is exposed, the user should wrap it with electrical adhesive in time.The power cord of the electric heating appliance with larger power should be checked frequently. If aging is found, the insulation degree should be replaced in time.

    Two, how to choose a high-quality power cord?

    1. Check whether there is (CCEE certification mark) and production license number on the package.

    2. Different household appliances use different power cords. Pay attention to the specifications of power cords when purchasing.For example, electric cooker, air conditioner, etc. should use RVZ -- 70 three-core wire with sheath, the section area should be 0.75 -- 1.5mm2.

    3. Also look for the "look" of the power cord when shopping.The insulation layer of the products produced by unqualified insulation materials will have transparent sense, brittle and no toughness.And the insulation (sheath) layer of high quality power cord is soft and flexible, the surface layer of the product should be tight, smooth without roughness, and have pure gloss.

    4. Understand the length of qualified power cord before purchasing. Different electrical appliances have different requirements for the length of power cord.

    5. If the aluminum surface of the product turns white or the copper surface turns black, it may be because the product is oxidized, which should be inferior material.The surface of high quality power cord aluminum or copper core is usually shiny.


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