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    Causes and treatment of heating of power cord connector

    The phenomenon of heating of the power cord connector is generally manifested first by the peculiar smell around the power cord connector, which can be smelled. This is because the heat of the wire connector causes the smell of its outer insulation layer.Second, the joint of the wire smoke, red, outside the insulation layer black, fire, or even broken.Hot wire connection not only can cause large amounts of electric energy loss, but also seriously affect the normal work of electric equipment, while the working current of the circuit increases, shorten the life electric equipment, heavy then suddenly interrupted the ongoing production, scientific research, medical surgery, and other activities, will lead to fire and electric shock accidents, etc., caused incalculable loss.

    Some electrical installation workers often do not pay attention to the quality of installation when laying the power cord.There are no junction boxes where they should be used;Even in the power line junction is not using the splice method, but the use of illegal hook - like connection method.The contact resistance of this kind of hook connection method is very large. When the electricity is energized, the continuous heat will make the nearby wood gradually dry and carbonize, and finally occur combustion, causing a fire.

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