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    About us

    Company profile
    Enterprise culture
    Organizational structure
    Prospects for development
    Brand positioning

    It has become one of the few modern comprehensive enterprises in the field of safe use of electricity in China

    Zhongshan grace Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is a modern comprehensive enterprise integrating R &amp; D, production, sales and service. We constantly observe the needs and aspirations of consumers, and strive to provide a safe and comfortable electricity environment for hundreds of millions of families with innovative technology.

    Sustainable development strategy of customer demand oriented

    With the mission of meeting the needs of consumers, we have carried out diversified development on the basis of people-oriented, constantly seeking safe and efficient answers in the field of electricity protection, improving the user experience, and creating a new generation of technologies and products that really meet people's needs. Adhere to green production, pay attention to sustainable development, and create a low-carbon life - green, intelligent, fashion, will be the key words of our new round of development.

    Innovation and technology leading industry upgrading

    Scientific and technological innovation is the lifeblood of grace as an international enterprise. With the first-class human resources and hardware resources in the R &amp; D center, our advanced R &amp; D system drives industry innovation and upgrading time and time. We have obtained a number of patents and continuously upgraded the safe electricity experience, realizing all kinds of possibilities you have never dared to think about.

    The humanistic policy of caring for employees

    People are the foundation of the company's development. We are willing to develop with our employees and build a dream together. We provide generous and reasonable remuneration and benefits and fair and fair selection mechanism, which also enables us to have a group of young people who are full of vigor and enthusiasm and love Grice's career. With passion and dream, we are ready to go all out and make great plans.

    With the development of China's economy and the continuous improvement of the consumption level of the Republic of China, grace, as one of the few large-scale leakage plug manufacturers in China, will make continuous efforts to keep pace with the times and take off with the world!

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