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    About us

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    5c3be379523009.jpgEstablished in September 2011, grace is a modern comprehensive enterprise integrating R &amp; D, production, sales and service, specializing in leakage protection plug, anti leakage wall socket, anti leakage electric drain plug, plug power cord. The company constantly observes the needs and aspirations of consumers, and strives to provide a safe and comfortable electricity environment for hundreds of millions of families with innovative technology.

    Grace has more than ten years of industry experience, through years of continuous development and improvement, relying on strong technical force and advanced management concept, invested a lot of money in the pre evolution of production equipment and instruments, the company has the electronics, plug power lines, plastic, hardware, garage and other industrial chain of independent processing capabilities, has a number of pre evolution assembly lines, so that the company's production It can be greatly improved. At present, it has an annual production capacity of more than 12 million pieces of super large-scale production capacity, and is one of the few large-scale leakage protection plug manufacturers in China.

    Grice has met the requirements of ISO9001-2008 quality management system standard. The company's products have passed CCC, CE, VDE, UL and other quality and safety certification, covering many categories of serial products: prcd, LCDI, AFCI, ALCI, GFCI, RCD, in line with the requirements of EU ROHS environmental protection directive, the quality has reached the international advanced level, and has obtained a number of national invention patents.

    Grice's mission is to meet the needs of consumers. On the basis of people-oriented development, Grice has been looking for safe and efficient answers in the field of electricity protection, improving user experience, and creating a new generation of technologies and products that really meet people's needs. Adhere to green production, pay attention to sustainable development, and create a low-carbon life - green, intelligent, fashion, will be the key words of our new round of development.


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