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    Talent concept

    Position 1: engineering technician


    1. Responsible for product design, development and cost control

    2. Responsible for assisting structural design to provide relevant technical parameters of products

    3. Responsible for electrical parts development and project follow-up

    4. Responsible for software debugging related to product performance

    5. Responsible for product improvement, technical transformation and other standardization work

    6. Responsible for the planning and detailed design of electronic parts of new products

    7. Responsible for designing and compiling the electronic quotation technical data of products

    8. Responsible for participating in relevant technical review, leading electronic planning design or detailed design review

    9. Responsible for assisting the production system to provide technical support

    10. Company regulations or temporary tasks assigned by superior leaders

    Job requirements:

    1. College degree or above, major in electronics, electrical, mechanical and automation;

    2. More than 5 years engineering and technical working experience in home appliance industry is preferred.

    3. Familiar with electronic circuit design (PCB circuit development) and mechanical drawing software (CAD drawing software, etc.);

    4, with leakage protection (such as :GFCI ALCI PRCD) design experience is preferred to hire.

    Position 2: sales elite


    1. Responsible for customer development, relationship maintenance and good communication

    2. Responsible for negotiation, project execution and payment collection of all projects in the region;

    3. Planned and improved the expansion planning of the industry target customer base, and was responsible for achieving the expected sales target;

    4. Collected market information and made annual sales plan;

    5. Grasp the market dynamics of competitors and provide constructive Suggestions for the development of the company.

    Job requirements:

    1. College degree or above, major in related field;

    2. At least 1 year sales experience or regional management experience;

    3. Independent customer development ability, public relations ability, negotiation ability, planning ability and organization and coordination ability;

    4. Good comprehensive quality, healthy body and mind, career-minded, diligent, practical and acute;

    5. Creative and pioneering spirit;

    6. Experience in large and medium-sized enterprises or well-known brand marketing management positions is preferred.

    Position 2:  general worker (female worker)

    Job requirements:

    1. Age 18-30

    2. No violation of national public security regulations, laws and regulations;

    3. Technical secondary school or equivalent (senior high school/vocational school/technical school), excellent in science and technology, skill certificate or qualification certificate is preferred.

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