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    Talent concept

    Welcome to the family of grace electric!"Willing, hard work and innovation" has always been grice's value concept, we will rely on grice electric appliances as the platform for upward growth, close cohesion, sharing the grand occasion.

    "Talent is the most important resource of grace electric" is always the principle of grace electric's successful operation.We have the support of the top leaders with strategic mind, full of vitality, unity and cooperation team.We in line with "the person as well with" principle of choose and employ persons, create a harmonious working environment and appropriate growth environment, employees in an effort to complete the job at the same time, regular training, directional cultivating professional knowledge, constantly in the field of a full range of improved, so that employees have strong sense of achievement and honor.

    Internal talent mechanism of grace electric:

    1. Highly flexible internal promotion mechanism: we are fully committed to building and developing our organization from within the company.Whenever we have a job opening, we will fill it from within the company.With our ongoing programs in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou and taiyuan, China, the wealth of invaluable practical knowledge will benefit you throughout your life, and the space for growth and development will give you a sense of belonging and pride.

    2. Long-term career development: with successful career development, the company will grow together with you.When you join us, we will give you enough opportunities to prove and develop yourself.

    3. Perfect training system: we have grace college to provide abundant training for employees to help them maximize their talents and tap their potential.In order to realize this commitment, grace electric provides management training, technical training and other comprehensive training for employees.Every year in the annual evaluation, grace electric and its employees work together to develop training plans for their future development.

    4. Set high ethical standards.Quality culture has become the moral standard and public opinion guidance of grace, and the strivers who really pay great efforts for quality get the greatest respect in grace.We obey the law and always believe that we are doing the right thing.

    5, people-oriented grace electrical culture: we value performance, we work together with excellent like-minded colleagues, in a friendly, harmonious, warm environment, make work more efficient and more enjoyable.

    6. Competitive salary: we have a perfect salary management system.Every year to attract and retain outstanding talents, the company will take part in the international well-known research company annual industry salary, benefits the market survey, to ensure that Greg, appliances remain competitive salary welfare system, create a kind of encourage risk-taking, advocating the spirit of ownership, stimulate the creative thinking of Greg's new culture atmosphere.

    Continuous progress, full of vitality, innovative talent is the biggest wealth of grace electrical appliances.Employees' personal career development goals are consistent with the development goals of grace electric appliances, thus creating an enterprise atmosphere full of new vitality and driving force, cultivating and attracting a large number of senior talents, forming an excellent victory team of grace electric appliances.

    Let us hand in hand to realize their life value.

    Excellent team, cultivate excellent employees;

    Excellent staff, support excellent grace. 

    Ten thousand years is too long, seize the day!

    Let us stand together and achieve a great victory for our common cause

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