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    Universal protection plug against electric brake leakage
    Export type split type leakage protection plug
    Domestic split type leakage protection plug
    Even domestic leakage protection plug
    Connector type leakage protection plug
    Leakproof wall socket
    Converter anti-leakage protection series

    European type split leakage protection plug

    Export type split type leakage protection plug

    Brand name: grace

    Model: European (French) split

    Plug name: Australian split leakage protection plug

    Type: second order broken type

    Rated working voltage: AC230V/50HZ

    Rated operating current: 10A 16A

    Rated residual operating current: 6mA 10mA 30mA

    Rated residual operating current: 5mA

    Maximum breaking time: ≤ 0.1s

    Power cord length color: customized

    Thread buckle and tail handling: yes

    Waterproof function: customized

    Overtemperature protection function: customized

    Processing customization: yes

    Mode of supply: logistics

    Freight: no more than 5000 pieces of a single batch, excluding freight

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